As a teaching artist Becky strives to impart passion for learning and experimentation to her students. It's just that simple.

Artist Statement:

I seek a quiet impact through the gentle alteration of a basic form. The atmospheric processes
of soda and wood firing allow for the interplay of fire, heat and time across the surface of the
clay. This interplay tells the story of the pots as they travel through their time in the kiln. It's an
integral part of the subtlety of colors that reflect the space where the earth meets the sky, the
continuum of seasons, and the variations of tone of the natural world.

I'm influenced by the call of hireath, a Welsh word very loosely translated to mean a longing for
a place I cannot quite find, a homesickness for that which is gone. I have felt it since I was a
small child digging in the creek bed with a stick and wondering where it would take me if I could
follow it to its end. Moving with a wholehearted spiritual intent I answer the call of that
timeless place in my journey with clay.

Looking at my work now is like standing at a crossroad of past, present, future and the here and
now of Minnesota; a turbulent, spinning-wheel of concept and process composed of past
experiences and lost memory of place, reflected in the utilitarian wares of Southwestern